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Civil Partnerships

A civil partnership provides same sex couples the same legal rights as their married heterosexual counterparts and so requires formal legal proceedings if the relationship breaks down. In the aftermath of a relationship breakdown, we can discuss with you your options, so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you.

If, after considering matters carefully, you decide that dissolution of the civil partnership is inevitable, then we can initiate and guide you through the dissolution proceedings.

There are four ways to commence dissolution proceedings:

1. Unreasonable behaviour
2. Desertion for 2 years
3. Two years separation with consent from both parties
4. Five years separation not needing the other party’s consent

There is no ground for adultery in the dissolution of a civil partnership. At the same time we can also help you negotiate an appropriate settlement. The dissolution process itself does not deal with issues such as children, finances and property. These must be concluded separately.

If you would like to discuss the dissolution of a civil partnership, contact our Family Departments in Grimsby on 01472 240 251 Louth on 01507 600 610 or Scunthorpe on 01724 847 888.