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Tenancy Advice (for Landlords)

When the time comes to begin taking possession proceedings against tenants it is important to consider all options available in order that the most cost effective procedure is used based on the landlord’s objectives.  We can advise on which route should be taken and ensure that the correct legal procedure is followed.  We are able now to offer you a Stepped Fixed Cost Approach to the Proceedings to help you budget and prepare.

There are two main options available to landlords:


This procedure can only be used where: 
•    the tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) 
•    there is a written form of tenancy agreement 
•    a valid form of section 21 notice has been served on the tenant
•    the notice period (two months) in this notice has expired 

Provided all paperwork is in order there will be no hearing involved in these proceedings and therefore the procedure is quicker and cheaper.
If successful this will result in an order for possession and an order that the tenant pay certain costs.

This procedure cannot be used to claim rent and obtain a money judgment.


This procedure can be used where:
•    there are rent arrears to a total value of more than two months or 8 weeks rent;
•    a 'section 8' notice in the prescribed form has been served upon the tenant(s);
•    the notice period of two weeks has expired. 
Once proceedings have been issued the court will set the case down for a hearing and evidence of rent arrears due will have to be produced.
If successful, a judgment for the arrears of rent and costs will be granted.

Please be aware the above is general advice: for specific advice on your case please speak to us direct 

Our Fixed Costs for County Court Possession start from only £100 plus VAT.

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