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15% Discount on Lasting Powers of Attorney


Shocking articles published this week in the Daily Mail have revealed that the newspaper has been investigating the Court of Protection, the Court which handles the financial affairs of people who are deemed mentally unable to do so themselves.  The Mail describes it as a "secret" court, whose financial conduct "borders on malpractice".   

The facts quoted by the Mail are, at a quick read-through, correct.  The Court's activities are rarely made public; the Court does appoint deputies to handle the financial affairs of people who lose the ability to look after their own money and interests.  The appointed deputy is not always a family member, the deputy may charge fees for their services, the Court is always the final arbiter of any important decisions, and the process of deputyship is long and expensive.  In addition, while there is no doubt that the Court of Protection provides a valuable service when no other option remains available, there is also no doubt that it should always be a last resort.  And this is why it is surprising that the Mail touches only very briefly on something extremely important. 

What the main Daily Mail article mentions, but does not give detail on is that the Court of Protection becomes involved only when a person has failed to make any provision, whilst mentally fit and healthy, for what would happen if their mental health failed.  By setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney whilst mentally capable, anyone can avoid the Court of Protection entirely, and need have no fear that the "Secret Court" will ever have any involvement in their affairs. 

A Lasting Power of Attorney can be created for healthcare decisions, too - meaning that every important decision in your life is made by someone you love and trust, and not by a court or panel who never met you when you were well. 

Lasting Powers of Attorney are also a fraction of the cost of a deputyship application.   

Remember, not even your spouse has the right to handle your affairs if you suddenly become unable to do so yourself.  A Lasting Power of Attorney can make sure that they get that right, and that no one can take it away.   

In response to the Daily Mail articles, Beetenson & Gibbon are offering a 15% discount on preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney for the next 6 weeks.  Don't delay: book an appointment today, and make sure that if you ever lose your health, your money and affairs are handled by your family, not by a court.