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Children Agreements

Fixed Fee options to help with children and child care agreements

Package 1 – Court Orders

Children are vulnerable to the effects of divorce and relationship breakdown. Changes to their home life can have lasting effects on your family. It is important to ensure that the children experience as little upset as possible during these times. When an agreement cannot be reached regarding the arrangements for the children we can help to resolve the dispute through negotiation and if necessary by applying to the Court for Orders that can resolve issues as to where the child(ren) are to live and the contact arrangements for the non resident parent. 

If you wish to apply for a Court Order in relation to the children we can complete the application under a fixed fee.

Fee £156.00 (inc VAT) 

If any supplemental applications need to lodge with this application, please contact the office for a quote. Prices are discretionary depending on financial situation. 

If you wish a solicitor to attend a court hearing (directions) we are able to offer this service for a fixed fee .This includes a 30 minutes consultation and upto 2 hours at the Hearing. If the Hearing exceeds this time or the hearing is listed for longer than  2 hours, quotes are available on request.  Please contact us for details)

Fee £420.00 (inc VAT)

Payment Options Payment is to be made in full by credit/debit card, cash or PayPal


Package 2 - Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility (PR) includes all the rights and duties which a parent has regarding a child including the right to decide where a child should go to school, their religious beliefs and decisions on their upbringing. A mother automatically has PR for her child. A father will also have PR if he is or was married to the mother, or if the child was born after 1st December 2003, if the father is named on the birth certificate even if not married to the mother.  If parties are in agreement a legal document can be drawn up without the need to apply to the Court.

This package includes:
•    Meeting with your family practitioner
•    Preparation of parental responsibility agreement
•    Letter to other party
•    Registration of the agreement at the Principal Registry
•    Copy of Agreement

Fee £120.00 (including VAT)

Payment Options Payment is to be made in full by credit/debit card, cash or PayPal. If no agreement can be reached we can apply to the Court for PR Order to be obtained. Please contact us for more information about this service and associated cost